Monday, 27 January 2014

1:1 NLP Training

For many people this is the very best NLP training.

It's normally a six month programme which starts of clarifying in detail what you would like to achieve, followed by fortnightly 1:1  sessions to explore NLP approaches and how you can apply them to achieve what you want.

The programme is supported with open workshops and free access to the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

NLP Training Guide 2013

We just completed our free NLP Training Guide. What is NLP? What are the rewards? Why is it different? NLP Framework and much more.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Coaching Thought | Steps to Building Your Network

This ‘Coaching Thought’ comes from the professional services book: How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life. What are the key steps in developing your network?

“Level 1: Identify – on your radar:
• You become aware of someone.
• No communication, either on-line or in real life, has yet taken place.
• Low trust.

Level 2: Connect – polite conversation:
• One-way or two-way communication is taking place, either online or in real life.
• Both sides are thinking, Do I like this person? and Can I see a benefit to continuing the conversation with this person?
• Low trust. Level

3: Engage – one-to-one conversation:
• Both of you commit to having a one-to-one conversation in real life to deepen the trust in your relationship.
• Increasing trust.
• Minimum level you need your relationship to get to, before you will both actively help each other.

Level 4: Collaborate – professional friends:
• Regular communication is taking place, via phone, e-mail, social media, face-to-face meetings.
• High trust. Often helping each other out.
• Your mentor needs to be at this level (or higher) for your relationship to be effective.

Level 5: Inner circle – personal friends:
• Your relationship is both a personal and professional relationship.
• High trust.
• You will regularly communicate on matters relating to work, home, mutual hobbies/ interests and family life.
• The friends, both inside and outside work, who are on your support team need to be at this relationship level.”

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Richard Bandler NLP Video Clips

Video clips from NLP Co-Creator Richard Bander. While these were selected to promote their respective DVDs each clip has been chosen to leave you with useful idea of reflection about NLP. They are from the following DVD's:

  1. Richard Bandler in Konstanz
  2. Class of a Master: Instant Talent
  3. Class of a Master: Fantastic Futures
  4. Class of a Master: Inner Beauty
  5. Class of a Master: Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
  6. Nested Loops
  7. Persuasion Engineering
  8. The Marshall Tapes 1
  9. The Marshall Tapes 2
  10. Trancing In and Out
  11. Welcome to Reality
Watch and listen to the clips: Richard Bandler Video
You can buy them from: NLP CDs and DVDs

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Coaching Thought | The Power of ‘Weak Ties’

This ‘Coaching Thought’ also comes from the LinkedIn book: The Start-up of You, and emphasises the importance of weak ties and looser connections, particularly in finding new jobs.

“There are many more looser connections and acquaintances who also play a role in your professional life. These are folks you meet at conferences, old classmates, co-workers in other divisions, or just interesting people with interesting ideas who you come upon in day-to-day life. "

"Weak ties in a career context were formally researched in 1973, when sociologist Mark Granovetter asked a random sample of Boston professionals who had just switched jobs how they found their new job."

"He summed up his conclusion in a paper appropriately called “The Strength of Weak Ties”: The friends you don’t know very well are the ones who refer winning jobs.”

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

NLP Success Video

How to use NLP to have a more successful and fullfilled life. Over two hours of free NLP training. Content includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is NLP?
  3. Managing your State
  4. Your end goals
  5. Where you are now?
  6. Roadmap, Milestones and First Steps
  7. Putting it together
  8. Bonus
See and hear more: NLP Success Video

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Coaching Thought | Why Build Allies?

This ‘Coaching Thought’ comes from the LinkedIn book:  The Start-up of You, and emphasises the benefit of developing alliances and allies.

“An alliance is always an exchange, but not a transactional one. A transactional relationship is when your accountant files your tax returns and in exchange you pay him for his time. An alliance is when a co-worker needs last-minute help on Sunday night preparing for a Monday morning presentation, and even though you’re busy, you agree to go over to his house and help.”

Read more about this: Coaching Thought

'Coaching Thoughts' are shorts quotes from books that might be relevant to coaches (and others!).'

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